07 November 2013

Looking ahead to the holidays....

So the holidays are coming. Which is crazy because wasn't it just January?

Monty has the munchkins for Thanksgiving this year, so we'll probably do our own smaller meal just the three of us when they're with me. Nothing fancy, just a nice, quiet (vegan) family meal.

Christmas is what I'm really looking forward to. Not only will the munchkins be with me, but we're going to bundle ourselves up to Illinois for the holiday for family, friends and snow. It will also be the first time the cousins will be together since July. Puck and Bug were inseparable for a while, so I'm really excited that they'll get to be together again.

Of course, before that there will be some Christmas-ing here in Florida. Decorations and homemade goodies, gift-wrapping, and getting Florida-themed stuff for stocking stuffers. Twinkle lights and everything.

When I lived in Florida before, I had trouble getting into the spirit of the holidays. The weather didn't change as drastically, so when my family up north already clad in their scarves and gloves, I was still in a light jacket. And it was hard to think about Christmas when there wasn't any snow.

So this time around, I'll make my own winter wonderland in the apartment. It won't be frigid outside, but it'll still feel like Christmastime inside. It will be wonderful.

I know it's still early to be talking about Christmas decorations, so this is the last you'll hear about it until December 1st, I promise. I'm just looking forward to the new adventures and memories that will come with this holiday season. New apartment, new chapter, new memories. I can't wait!

Are you making holiday plans yet? What are you looking forward to the most?

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