08 November 2013

The coffee house book taking shape

I'm going to have the first draft of the coffee house book done in the next few weeks.

I know, right?

It's not in good shape right now. If I had to classify it, I'd say it's more of a glorified outline. But that's okay, because it's way more than I had a few months ago.

The first draft is just that: the first. There's lots of editing and revising and rewriting to come until the coffee house book is "ready."

One of the great things about being a writer is that you don't have to do it right the first time. You get time to rework it until it's the way you want, and that's encouraged!

Remember the idea of NaNoWriMo? Get the words on the page. It doesn't matter if it's award-winning or just okay or complete trash. All that matters is getting the writing done, and you can go back later to edit.

I know that when the coffee house book draft is done, it will be far from where it needs to be. But it doesn't have to be perfect yet. It just needs to be written.

How's your work in progress going?

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