14 January 2014

The no-TV life

We still don't have a TV at the house, and though the munchkins do watch shows on my tablet, I've adopted CCB's rule that the kids only have screen time on non-school days.

I don't know what Monty's screen time rules are, but Puck and Tink have adjusted easily to the rules here. They rarely ask to watch anything during the week, and this past weekend, there were times I asked if they wanted to watch a movie or show, and they both said no. They have plenty of toys and activities, and are happy to play instead of sitting in front of the tablet watching TV.

I've had a few people tell me they don't know how I don't have a TV, or that I should get one for family movie nights, at least. But as little as we watch shows, I don't really see the point. I'm happy to use my tablet for the munchkins and when I put on Doctor Who episodes as background noise for working.

Besides, if the munchkins are content to be without TV, I'm certainly not going to risk changing it by bringing a TV into the house.

Do you have a TV? How does it impact your life?

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