10 January 2014

Even much-needed lulls can be a little unnerving

I've been in a weird place the past week or so. December was very chaotic for me (two trips to Illinois in one month was a bit much), and after the added excitement of a big family Christmas, coming home to the quiet of my home in Florida was a little jarring. It was suddenly quiet and empty.

Don't get me wrong--I'm very glad for the chance to sort of recharge after our trip to Illinois. I like this time of year because it's quiet and reflective and not busy until Easter approaches. So I like that aside from school drop-off and pick-up, there's nowhere we have to be and nothing we have to do. We spend quiet evenings with games and toys and books instead of in and out of the car.

But I'm still settling in after December. I still feel like there's more I should be doing or something I'm forgetting. This week I've been checking my calendar far too frequently because I'm just positive I've forgotten some appointment or something.

I haven't. This really is just a quiet week at home.

It takes time to get back into a routine after a holiday, and this time it's taking me a bit longer than I expected. So I think I'll make another cup of tea and curl up with a book on the sofa before Puck goes to school this afternoon.

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