03 January 2014

Moisturize me....!

I have a skin condition that primarily affects my face. Because of this condition, there is a redness to my face, and the skin is very sensitive.

Lately, it's been incredibly difficult for me to find a facial moisturizer that I can use. Most of the kinds I've tried have given me a reaction (painful, in some cases) and aggravated the condition.

Truly, I'd love to be able to avoid the struggle completely, but it's winter, and even in Florida, my skin gets dry. I have to put some kind of moisturizer on it.

I'm trying to stay optimistic.  I have a ear friend who has psoriasis quite badly, which can flare up so badly she can't do anything. My skin condition is not that bad, and I'm glad for that.

Still, this painful trial and error is getting old. I'll be glad when I can find a facial moisturizer that actually works well for my skin.

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