29 January 2014

I'm still the coffee-stained writer....

I've been the "coffee-stained writer" since the first time I started freelancing full-time, way back in June 2008. I took that name because I adore coffee, and I was working on developing my idea for the coffee house book. It fit well.

Since then, I've kept the name, and the work on the coffee house book, and my love of coffee. Lately, I've probably been drinking about a pot a day. And I make it pretty strong. I don't know exactly how it happens. I even tried making half a pot in the morning, but partway through the day, in the midst of working, I find myself making another pot.

However, since one of my goals this year is to be more health-conscious about what I eat and drink, I decided it would probably be a good idea to reduce the amount of coffee I drink each day (just a bit) and replace some of it with healthier things like water and green tea.

I'm not cutting out coffee completely, mind. That would be madness.

But I will be cutting back some. To help keep me from being tempted to drink too much, I'm going to use a single-cup French press for my coffee in the morning, which I can also use to make loose-leaf tea.

I'll always be the coffee-stained writer.

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