04 September 2013

Well, I'm in Florida.

I haven't officially moved quite yet (long story), but I'm in Florida, and I do have an apartment pre-leased (another long story).

It's strange to be here, especially so close to where I lived when I was here before. There are some things that seem very different, and other things that haven't changed at all.

And even though I've driven past certain stores or restaurants and said, "Oh! I remember that!", it feels so, so different to be here now after being away for (almost exactly) two years.

For one thing, I never thought I'd live here again. Like, ever. Not even in retirement. But now that I'm here, I'm taking ownership of it as my home (at least for the next 16 years), and reminding myself of why I enjoyed living in the state, and in the area I'm going to be living in.

The apartment I have lined up is perfect for what I need, and in a great location. Not only is it close to Puck's school, but it's located close to shopping (and entertainment), and I'm familiar with the area.

There's lots to do in the area for the kids, as well as for me (when the kids are with Monty). I'm close to the beach, and at least one member of my support system is planning to move nearby-ish as a snowbird beginning fall/winter 2014.

Here's the thing. I live in Florida now. And even though it wasn't in my plan, it's where I am. I have to find happiness where I am. And, more importantly, it's where my munchkins are. As long as I have my munchkins, I'm good.

So I'm in Florida.

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