08 September 2013

Centering and grounding

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I used to use Sundays as a "renew your spirit" day here on the blog. I used it for that in my life, as well. Most Sundays I went to worship services at my UCC church and sang in the choir, and used the sermons as inspiration to refocus, center myself, and prepare for the week ahead. It was valuable to me to use that time to let go of frustrations from the week before.

Now, however, I don't attend church services. I know I don't need any kind of community service (although there is a nearby Unitarian Universalist congregation [is that the right word?] I may visit), but I do want to find some way to continue that refocusing each week so I don't get mired in some of the frustrations I'm going through right now.

That being said, I've decided to restart a yoga practice, as well as start meditating regularly. In addition to the physical health benefits of yoga as exercise, I think these two things will help me in the same way worship services did, but allow me to stay focused inward (knowing what I need to do to accomplish my goals) rather than outward (I can't do it without god). Sundays will still be a day for me to focus myself for the week to come, but in a different way. In my opinion, it will be a better way.

If I feel the need for a sense of community that once came with the UCC services, I'm sure I can find another community that meets regularly to get that same feeling of support and belonging, whether it be at UU meetings, in a secular reading/poetry/yoga/meditation group, or even among parents at an activity for the munchkins. There are always sources of support for people who need them. It doesn't have to be a church.

How do you center and refocus yourself each week? Where do you get support and community?

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