07 September 2013

Log, Day Six

I've been in this jungle for six days now. The shelter I've created is small, but functional. Though at times I feel as if there's nothing outside of it, and this shelter is my whole world.

I venture out to get food, and have taken to keeping my stash high so the natives can't reach it. They do not seem to know how to climb very high. Yet. The natives do try to communicate, though I don't always understand them. They call me "Mama," which I can only assume is their word for "food." I leave them offerings to keep them happy.

I've only actually seen two of them, but the damage they do to my camp at times makes it seem as though there are hundreds.

I think they will be migrating soon to another camp. I've seen them look at a rudimentary calendar and say "Dah-Dee-Day." Perhaps it's some holiday or seasonal marker for them. When they leave, my food will last much longer, I'm sure.

Help is coming, I'm told. I'll be leaving soon. Until then, all I can do is stay strong.

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