03 September 2013

Looking ahead to Christmas

I know it's barely September, that the weather is still very warm, that my life is a bit chaotic. But I'm still thinking about Christmas already.

For our Christmas celebration with my siblings and mom, we do things a little differently. We draw names (each person draws one name), and the person is responsible for making a gift for that person and getting a small stocking stuffer for that person. The rest of the stocking stuffers are bought by people who are willing to contribute candy or small toys or whatever else.

This year, I'm doing the contributing. I'm sure Sisi or Nanny will have candy to add to the bags, but I'm also going to take advantage of the fact that it'll be my first year back in Florida, and I plan on getting cheesy, touristy tchotchkes for everyone. (What better excuse for buying someone a Hawaiian shirt-clad Santa with sunglasses?) So I'm keeping an eye out for cheesy little cheap stuff I can get for everyone to put in their stockings. I think it's going to be fun shopping for everything.

Of course, in addition to planning for the stocking stuffers for everyone, I'm planning for the actual trip up north. There are a lot of people the kids will want to visit, so our calendar will likely be pretty busy for that week. (And, if I have the chance, I want to make a specific stop on the way up or down for a little side trip.)

It's going to be a fun trip with the kids. I'm looking forward to taking them to see family for the holiday, and I hope there will be snow for at least part of the trip. One of Wyatt's concerns about my move to Florida was that there wouldn't be snow in the winter anymore.

Still, even if there's no snow, there's lots to look forward to this December: a road trip, family, and cheesy Florida tourist gifts for everyone!

Are you thinking about the holidays yet? What are your plans?

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