09 September 2013

Fforde Ffandom

I'm finally making time to read Jasper Fforde's book, The Woman Who Died Alot. I've had it since it was released in the U.S. late last year, but just didn't make the time to read it.

This week, however, I am absolutely reading this book, and doing a little shopping next week for the other Fforde books missing from my little collection.

I also listened to Lost in a Good Book (TN2) in the car on the way from Illinois to Florida last week. I've listened to it a few times, as well as The Well of Lost Plots (TN3). And Fforde's books have given me inspiration for decorating my new, Florida office space.

There are lots of cool things in Fforde's books--particularly in the BookWorld--and I want to create a sort of Fforde Ffan Cave of Stuff for my new office. I have some initial ideas for what to include, such as the Bellman's bell, a few plot devices, and a map of Fiction Island.

I'll have a smallish space for the next couple of years, but after that I'll have a little more room to spread out and make the most of my office: library table, card catalog, lots and lots of bookshelves....

My hope is that anyone who knows/enjoys Fforde's books will find lots of fun items in my office that will remind them of specific moments in his books. And for those that don't know Fforde... well, it'll just be a weird office, I suppose. But it'll be my weird office, and that's the important thing.

Does your office space have a theme?

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