17 July 2009

Today is Fiction Day!

I adore writing fiction.

Don't misunderstand: I do enjoy the freelance work I do. But nothing will compare to writing fiction for me. It's where my heart is in the writing world. So each Thursday, I've been setting aside the day to write fiction. Of course, I keep up with my freelancing deadlines, but Thursday is Fiction Day.

Unfortunately, yesterday I was in bed most of the day (thanks, Bean), so I didn't get anything done. So I've moved Fiction Day to today this week.

I'm using my fiction-writing time to work on my coffee house book, which has been neglected but still niggling at me for quite some time. I want to finish it and (hopefully) find a home for it, and right now the best way for me to do that is to write at least one full day a week.

Today I'm going to write the lunch rush scene.

What are you writing today?

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