21 July 2009

COTEB Be Docking Here

(NOTE: This post has been post-dated. New content can be found below.)

There are wonderful bloggers in this world who use the Internet to share their values and question others. I think it's awesome that we have so many different viewpoints at our fingertips!

A very dear friend of mine, Dana of En Tequila Es Verdad, works every month to bring some of those viewpoints together for the Carnival of the Elitist Bastards. In this carnival, bloggers contribute (or are asked to contribute) posts that challenge stupidity, closed-mindedness, and anything else worth challenging. Then, the captain of the month's carnival puts the posts together in a creative way to share all these posts with readers.

I'm happy to say that July is my month. So, on Saturday, July 25th, the shipmates of the COTEB will be taking to the beach for some much-needed shore leave.


Good. Then be sure to stop by and read it on Saturday.

Have something to say?

Even better! All you have to do is pick a post (or write one) that, as Admiral Dana says, "hits the stupid where it hurts" and email the link to elitistbastardscarnival@gmail.com no later than Friday, July 24th.
There will be rum.


  1. Ye're a Captain that knows her crew well! I be lookin' forward to a voyage where the rum ration doesn't run out!

  2. Of course! Only the best for me shipmates!


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