13 June 2009

Writing Spaces

I'm fascinated by individuals' writing spaces, and how that space contributes to individuals' writing processes. Thanks to Nathan Bransford, I found this site, which shares writers in their writing spaces.

The last, Samuel R. "Chip" Delaney, is my favorite photo (pictured right). Not only do I adore the composition, but I love how incredibly crowded that space is. It looks like my writing space just before I get sick of it and clean everything up.

I won't post a picture of my current writing space since it's in flux as we're moving things around to get ready for our little java bean, but once things get settled, I plan to post a picture of my writing space, which will most likely be either a corner of the nursery or a desk shared with Hubby in our bedroom. (Once we get into our new place, though, I'm hoping to have a bigger writing space...maybe even a proper office!)

Where do you write? An office? Your living room? On your bed?

Send me a photo and some bio/writing info about yourself, and I'd be happy to highlight your writing space here on the blog!

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  1. Cool site. I always liked seeing those kinds of insights as well. I'll try to email you a photo of Big Stick headquarters.


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