12 June 2009

"It's for my Craft!"

This gem of a comic popped up on Debbie Ohi's website when I checked it today, and I laughed out loud!

When I was in college working on my senior thesis and other writing projects, my husband (then fiance) and his best friend, Crouse, were constantly trying to get me to break away from my writing space to do things less than writing productive. I tried to resist, but writers have an amazing ability to twist the weirdest tasks into writing-related tasks.

Taking a nice, long walk outside? Setting and character research.

Reading blogs? Industry research.

Playing video games? Sure, that counts, too, apparently.

The harder I tried to resist Hubby and Crouse, the more they tried to persuade me that it would be, in fact, productive if I played a video game with them instead. In fact, Crouse would always announce "It's for your craft!" in an attempt to get me to walk away from the computer for a few hours of questing or raiding or whatever video game they had in mind.

What do you convince yourself is not a distraction in an attempt to not feel guilty?


  1. Reading other vampire novels for hours on end. It's not that bad, but it's research so I know all the vampire lore out there. Also, going out for girls day once a week. That's research into my female characters. It's also the only way I get out of the house anymore.

  2. I find that just talking about teaching to other teachers is incredible research for me. That, and reading teaching blogs, and of course, blogging my own teaching adventures.


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