09 May 2015

32 things for 32 years

Sometime last fall, a mom blogger I read posted a birthday post like this. It was one item for every year of her life, and it was interesting. So I decided to steal her idea for myself. Enjoy!
  1. I've been working on this post since late last year.
  2. I'm getting married this year.
  3. I had planned to propose to Bo, but she beat me to it.
  4. When I turned thirty, I told people it was the second anniversary of my 29th birthday.
  5. I've since let go of that, and I embrace my 32ness.
  6. When I feel frazzled or overwhelmed, I have the tendency to organize (update my calendar, make task lists, etc.) to help calm myself.
  7. Once I have lists, I use them to keep me on task; I try to take just one item at a time until everything is done.
  8. I keep an editorial calendar to help me plan out my blogging about a month at a time.
  9. But I often switch posts around as blog-worthy things come up in my life, career, and reading.
  10. I have a big desk-size calendar I use only for deadlines, editorial calendar, and days off so I have a monthly overview of what I have to do without taking up too much room in my book.
  11. I often have a movie or television show on while I'm working during the day so it's not overwhelmingly quiet.
  12. I find myself far less interested in TV than I once was, and listening to music more.
  13. There are four tattoos I want/plan to get: a quote in Gallifreyan on my left forearm; a semi-colon on my right wrist; ART HARDER on the inside of my left bicep; and Take no heed of her.... She reads a lot of books. on the inside of my right bicep.
  14. I don't journal as often as I'd like, especially when work is busy.
  15. My daily wardrobe is highly influenced by my target market for work, which works because that's what I'm usually most comfortable in.
  16. However, I'm working toward a more polished base wardrobe in which everything is coordinated so I can pick anything out of my closet and have it work, especially for client meetings.
  17. I'm terrified of heights, but I like to fly. It's scary when I think about the fact that I'm flying and up so high, but once we're up in the air, I'm usually okay.
  18. One of the reasons I eat a plant-based diet is because my body doesn't like animal products and lets me know through its reaction.
  19. I want to become a certified Reiki practitioner.
  20. I'm moving my career from freelance work to an official business.
  21. I have tried (and failed) several times to give up soda. Still trying.
  22. It would be harder for me to give up coffee than soda.
  23. I like tea, but don't drink it nearly as often as coffee.
  24. I have always been more of a night owl, but am working very hard to switch to being an early morning person. I like the quietness of early mornings when you have the whole day ahead of you, full of possibility.
  25. I did a life audit toward the beginning of this year, and it has drastically changed my life and perspective (for the better).
  26. I always try to keep a notebook with me or nearby because I frequently feel the need to jot down some thoughts or ideas.
  27. At the beginning of this week I finished going through The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron. It was my third attempt, and my first completion.
  28. I like meditative music, and I'm trying to move toward listening to that type of music while I work (instead of turning on the TV and listening to it).
  29. I also really like folksy/indie music, like Harpeth Rising.
  30. I listen to music on a first generation iPod Nano. It's green.
  31. Sometimes I still struggle with my demons from high school and college. But I have an amazing support system to help keep me headed in the right direction.
  32. I truly feel that I am living my happily ever after.

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