27 May 2015

Why I won't get my Master's degree

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For a while I thought I would get my Master's degree in creative writing. I thought it would be a good educational experience for me, would allow me to network, and would give me the credentials needed in case I decided I wanted to teach at the college level (which was a possibility). I even went so far as to request materials from a couple of programs and peruse them in my spare time.

But I know now I won't get my Master's degree.

My life is on a different path than it was then. I know what I'm doing and where I'm headed, and I don't need a Master's degree to get there. I have the career I want. I don't need further education to get or keep it.

I am living my happily ever after.

Since that's the case, a Master's degree would be a very expensive piece of paper that would hang in my office. Nothing more.

For what I want to do, I could get the same (if not more) from going to a local writer's conference or joining a writer's group or interviewing published authors.

So instead I'll just keep reading and learning on my own, and that will be good enough for me.

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  1. It's good that you're thinking about these things; I'm in graduate school (though it's not for creative writing), and it's something that I've had doubts about many times. I've encountered other people at other schools who only went to graduate school because they wanted to extend the college experience (though they soon learned, to their dismay, that college is not like grad school) or they didn't know what else they wanted to do. Grad school is a major commitment, and you have to really want it. And even though many great writers graduated from MFA programs, many other great writers never pursued graduate degrees at all.


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