13 May 2015

Walking in this world....

I finished working my way through The Artist's Way last week, and started Walking in This World immediately after. I don't know if it's recommended to do that or not, but I did. And I'm glad I did.

One of the things I liked about The Artist's Way is that it continually reminded me of why I am a writer, and why I pursued a creative life and career. And the more connected I felt with my writing through the encouragement and insight of the book, the more at peace I felt in my life.

So I decided to just keep going with Walking in This World.

The first chapter is about starting from where I am and doing whatever I can to be creative. It was what I needed for this week.

Many days I get bogged down in where I think I should be with my writing and life and everything else. But I'm so, so much further than I was ten, five, three, one year ago. I've written more words and made more professional connections and bulked up my portfolio and made lots of progress on the coffee house book.

It's okay that I haven't published a book (yet) and that I'm still working toward buying a house and a new car. It's okay that I probably won't retire early and have to work long hours for now to reach our family goals.

Because this is the path that I'm on. No one else. The only race I'm running is with myself, to be better than I was yesterday.

So every day, I choose to start from where I am and keep moving forward.

And that's how I'm going to win.

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