15 October 2012

Why I need a whiteboard in my home office

There's a whiteboard in my on-site office for work. I love it because I can write notes to myself, keep track of upcoming deadlines, and do brainstorming for ad copy.

Unfortunately, I work from home three days a week, and there's no whiteboard in my home office. It's not really been a problem, just an inconvenience. I got used to having one at work.

The good news is that I do own a whiteboard. It's currently taking up space in my sister's basement, so the next time I'm at my sister's house, I'm going to get it, toss it in the back of my car, and bring it home to hang next to my big calendar. (Of course, after that, the challenge will be having two different whiteboards in two different offices, and keeping them coordinated.)

Do you use a whiteboard in your office? Why or why not?

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