14 October 2012

Renew Your Spirit Sunday with Music

This morning, my church celebrated our music minister's 25th anniversary serving as choir director. I'm in the choir at church, and since joining the choir, I've been reminded of how important music is to my spiritual life.

I was told once that music is a form of prayer, and that has always stuck with me. And I've found that, when I feel the need to pray but I don't have the words, my mind turns to familiar hymns I know by heart.

Music can encourage, inspire, uplift, and let you escape--even briefly--from whatever has been bearing down on you throughout the week. Generally, you can find music to fit any mood, or to speak to you in exactly the way you need, regardless of what you're going through. So I encourage you to turn to music if you need to renew your spirit. Turn on Pandora or set your iPod to shuffle or pick a favorite song. Whether you like to listen to hymns or classical or trance or country, let music touch you today.

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  1. Music has played such an important part in my life. It has certainly encouraged, inspired, and uplifted me. (I love the way you put it! You are such a gifted writer.) You're right. Music is a form of prayer. Even though I don't have much of a singing voice, I like to sing hymns, too.


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