28 October 2012

Renew Your Spirit Sunday with quiet days

My calendar has been busy this month, both for work and my personal life. November is already looking just as busy. So today I'm taking advantage of being able to have a quiet day at home.

I like being busy, especially when Puck and Tink are visiting Monty. It helps that time pass more quickly, and I like feeling productive. That being said, everyone needs downtime. That's the point of having "Renew Your Spirit Sunday," after all. It gives you the chance to prepare your mind for the coming week.

I am singing in the choir at morning service, but when I get home, I may just put my pajamas back on and snuggle under an afghan to watch movies and drink coffee (or tea) all day. (Netflix is a wonderful thing for movie days!)

Next Sunday, Puck and Tink will be back, and while we may have a quiet day at home, it will be of a very different sort. But for today, afghans and hot drinks should be perfect.

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  1. Because I'm a workaholic, I'm incapable of relaxing for too long. But you're right in that it is good to take quiet time for yourself; even I try to set aside at least a couple hours a week that's just for me. It's something I look forward to.


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