13 March 2012

With a new office space comes new organization

As the kids and I are getting organized and settled into our new apartment, I'm excited about setting up my new office space. Along with that, I'll be happy to get all my books from my mom's house and put them in my new home.

I've always organized my bookshelves alphabetically by the author's (or editor's) last name. It's worked well, and I've always been able to find the books I need when I need them. But now I'm going to have a lot more books. Not a scary amount, but a lot. So I'm faced with the decision of how to organize the books on the shelves. Do I continue with the tried-and-true alphabetized by author method, or shall I venture into the more library-y* method of organization. I'm considering keeping my novels alphabetized by author, then breaking everything else into categories (anthologies, poetry/plays, non-fiction) and alphabetizing within those categories.

What do you think? How are your books organized at home? (Or at work, for that matter....)

*I like to add "y" to random words to transform them into descriptors. It works. It may be awkward sometimes (like library-y), but I'm a writer, so I claim I can do it.

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