27 March 2012

Script Frenzy prep: your writing schedule

Screnzy is just a a few days away! Do you have a story and outline? Characters? Are you ready to sit down at your desk (or wherever) and put words to paper? Of course, coming up with the story and characters is only part of the challenge. Because anyone can some up with an idea for a story. What separates these people from writers is that writers actually do the writing. Now is the time to start thinking about how you're going to get it all done. That is: when are you going to write?

When you write depends, of course, on your daily schedule, and what kind of person you are. For example, I work from home full-time. Since my kids are still very small, I have to work around their schedules. So I've just transitioned into an early-morning schedule. I do as much writing as I can in the few hours before they wake up, try to do a little while they're napping (if possible), and then finish once they're in bed at night. My intention is to incorporate Screnzy writing into my regular daily schedule, maybe substituting freelancing during nap time for script-writing (since little gets done during that time, anyway).

I know that, often, life gets in the way of writing challenges like Screnzy, but having a schedule may help you feel like you don't have to spend every spare moment writing. Just be sure to budget enough time to get in your daily page count, and when it's time to write, you have to actually write.

Screnzy is an exciting writing challenge. I always look forward to it because I rarely write scripts. I'm either writing articles for clients or the coffee house book, which is prose. Screnzy is a nice break from the usual for me. And even in the years I didn't participate, I enjoyed reading other people's adventures in script-writing, encouraging them, and looking forward to the next time I could participate.

Screnzy is fast-approaching, and for all those participating, it's going to be crazy, hectic, and very, very fun! If you haven't decided whether or not you're joining in, you still have time. Check out the website, talk to other writers who are taking the challenge. And when April 1st rolls around, just start writing!

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