03 December 2009

My writing plans: December 2009 and on

As I mentioned before, I'm refocusing my writing career.  I'm still working out details and scheduling, but I thought I would share with you the aspects I've already worked out.

Obviously, my focus is going to be on fiction.  Specifically, I'm turning my full attention back to the coffee house book which has been sorely neglected for far too long.  (I have good reason, though.)  I have some new ideas for it, though, so I'll be taking some time to go back through the material I have, then reworking it for what I want to do.  Once I go through the material, I'm going to create a timeline for writing the story, as well as rereading, editing, and rewriting.

Along with my fiction pursuits will be quite a bit more industry research.  I know a very, very little bit about the publishing industry, and I'm finding the more I find out, the more interesting it is to me.  So I'm finding industry blogs and podcasts to add to my life that will help me learn more about the business of publishing.  I will definitely have a lot of podcasts to listen to, as well as blogs and articles to read!

I'm also going to work on changing my website.  I already have the ideas of how to change the content, so I'll be doing some content writing this month and making changes, so in January, the site will be all new and shiny.  And you may even be able to get involved in the new website, so watch for requests from me here on the blog!

I'm really excited about getting back into fiction, of course.  As much as I enjoy my life as a freelance writer, fiction is where my heart is.  And, of course, I already have ideas for a couple more projects I want to work on after the coffee house book is finished.  In the meantime, though, I plan to jot down those ideas so I don't forget them down the road.  And perhaps once I've finished writing the first draft of the coffee house book, I can start working on one of those other pieces.

2010 is going to be a great year!

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