22 December 2009

10 on Tuesday: coffee-stained Christmas traditions

Hubby and I are working on creating traditions for our family now that Bean is here.  There are things his family does and things my family does, and we're blending some of those and creating our own traditions.  Here are some of the traditions from our families:

  1. Reading 'Twas the Night Before Christmas as a family on Christmas Eve (Hubby)
  2. Pizza for supper on Christmas Eve, saving a couple of pieces for Santa (NP)
  3. "Stocking gifts," which consist of a paper grocery bag full of gifts all $1 or under (Hubby)
  4. Including at least one enormous candy bar in the bottom of each stocking (NP)
  5. When recording the festivities with the camcorder, including the year and location, which comes from moving so often (Hubby)
  6. Opening gifts from the family on Christmas Eve, leaving the Santa gifts for Christmas Day (NP)
  7. Opening all gifts on Christmas Day (Hubby)
  8. A more recent tradition: steak rolls for Christmas dinner at my mom's house (NP)
  9. Watching Christmas until Christmas Day beginning the day after Thanksgiving (Hubby)
  10. A more recent tradition: finger-foods all day for Christmas Day at my paternal grandmother's house (NP)

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