08 December 2009

10 on Tuesday: coffee house book characters

In the coffee house book, characters are often known by their favorite drinks (particularly customers).  So in addition to giving you the names of ten of my characters, I will share a little insider info with you by sharing their drinks of choice, as well.  Enjoy!

  1. Piper, espresso macchiato
  2. Sandra, skinny vanilla latte
  3. Michael, espresso
  4. Devon, chocolate raspberry latte
  5. Jeffrey, "the Jeffrey" (barista's choice)
  6. Vivienne, mineral water
  7. Willow, soy cappuccino (iced in the summer)
  8. Jonathon, double-shot hazelnut cappuccino
  9. Martha, chai latte
  10. Lucas, black coffee
More secret coffee house book information to come!


  1. Oh, wait until you hear what some of the baristas come up with for Jeffrey, though!

  2. Do any characters have favorite drinks you can't get in a coffee shop, like a scotch on the rocks or a strawberry milkshake?

  3. Perhaps, but I'm just dealing with their favorite coffee drinks for this story.


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