05 June 2015

Transformation and clothing

I've been doing a lot of changing and developing, especially mentally/emotionally and spiritually, over the past several months. Along with reassessing my priorities in order to provide for my family better, I have renewed my efforts at self-care to ensure that I am in the best position to be the woman I want to be, and the woman my family needs to be.

As I've gone through these changes, I've noticed things about myself that have changed. I don't watch TV much anymore (I much prefer listening to New Age-y ambient music or indie, folksy music). I'm incorporating healthier habits in my every day life.

And my clothing tastes have changed significantly.

My clothing used to be simple, with most of my pieces coming from Soul-Flower (which I still love, by the way). However, as my career is taking a different direction, and I find myself interested in different things in my life, my wardrobe has changed. I'm shifting to a more minimalist wardrobe, focusing on French wardrobe-inspired basics in white, gray, navy, and black. That way, nearly everything in my wardrobe will coordinate with everything else, and I'll always look clean and polished, even when all I'm wearing is jeans and a tank top.

Sample French-inspired minimalist wardrobe (source)

I've got about half of what's on my list. I'm in the process of getting rid of what I don't wear and replacing with high quality pieces in my new wardrobe plan. The goal is to have the basic pieces I can wear throughout the year (especially easy since I live in Florida and the climate doesn't change too drastically between seasons).

The shift in fashion taste reflects a shift in my mindset, I think. I'm in a much better place than I was a year ago--or even six months ago--and this new wardrobe is a better expression of who I am on the inside: a professional, put-together, goal-oriented solopreneur.

One of the pieces of advice often given to those who work from home is to treat your home office the way you would a traditional office. That is, start at a set time each day, stop at a set time each day, and present yourself as though you work in an office.

It may be a great concept to be able to work in your pajamas, but if you look like you work in an office, your head-space is different. You allow yourself to feel that you're in "work mode" when you're wearing a pencil skirt, blouse, and heels.

Besides, the shift in my fashion taste has given me the excuse for a little retail therapy!

Do your fashion tastes change when you go through an emotional/mental/spiritual change?

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