04 June 2015

Tink had to get a pinch yesterday....

Yesterday was Tink's four-year checkup and physical exam for pre-K (hooray!). She was nervous about it, though, because she knew she would have to get vaccinated,* and kind of psyched herself out about it.

When Tink was called back by the nurse, before we even left the waiting area, she looked up at the nurse with her big eyes and said, "You're not going to give me a pinch, are you? I don't want to get a pinch." The nurse faltered, and said she only does what the doctor tells her to do (nice deflection).

The physical exam went well. Dr. M was impressed with her cognitive development. She speaks clearly in complete sentences, knows how to spell her name verbally, and has the fine motor skills to be able to write her name (first and last) legibly. She can do sequencing and counting, and is well on her way to being ready for school.

One thing we've always struggled with for Tink is her size. When she was a baby, she had weight checks once a week, was having blood drawn every other week, and went to a number of specialists to try and determine whether her slow--almost nonexistent--growth was for a reason. In the end, the pediatric geneticist said that either she's okay and will just be small (or grow out of it), or she has something that she was too young to meet the diagnostic criteria for.

So that was a worry for me this time. She has grown in height, which I'm incredibly happy about. We even had to buy her new clothes because her ankles were peeking out of her pant legs.

But she hasn't grown in weight. Like...at all.

That, paired with some pain she's been having, led the doctor to want to run some blood work and get an x-ray to see if there's a reason to be worried. There are a couple of things Dr. M thinks it could be, and the tests she's ordered will help figure things out. And she wants to see Tink in six months for a weight check (better than the weekly appointments it was when she was a baby!).

Overall, it was  good appointment, with one "let's see." That being said, Tink is active and smart and happy, and very ready to take pre-K by storm.

*We vaccinate. On time.

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