25 February 2015


I like yoga. I like how I feel when I do yoga, and how I can use it to (gently) push my body to be stronger and healthier.

I used to do yoga frequently, but I've gotten away from it lately. So I've decided to make a concentrated effort to do yoga regularly.

I know my body is not as strong or flexible as it used to be, so I'm starting slowly. I intend to do at least one sun salutation every morning when I first get up with regular yoga sessions three times a week. My ultimate goal is to work up to doing a full yoga session (between fifteen and thirty minutes) every day.

I know it will be a process, and I will likely stumble, but I'm determined to do it, and I know I'll feel better for it.

So one of my primary goals for March is to do yoga.

Do you practice yoga? How often? Do you find it beneficial?


  1. I like that you're working up to your goals rather than trying to be a yoga goddess from day one! That sure takes the fun out of the practice. :)

  2. Thanks for the encouragement! I don't want to burn myself out before I really get into it!


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