15 February 2015

Renew your spirit with a visit from mom

My mom is visiting. It was unexpected and is open-ended, and very welcome. We've spent the weekend catching up and drinking wine and eating (too much) good food. She went with Bo and me when we picked up our engagement rings, we showed her what Bo is planning to wear for the wedding, and we talked some more.

I don't know how long Nanny will be staying with us, but I can tell you that she will be welcome as long as she wants.

I've missed my mom terribly. It was hard to be so far from her the first time I lived in Florida, and this time was no easier (harder, in some ways). So the more time I get with her, the happier I'll be.

The munchkins come home to us tonight, and they don't know she's here. It will be a good surprise.

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