27 February 2015

Preparing for vacation

Bo and I are taking an actual factual vacation at the beginning of March. It will be my first real vacation in a while, and our first non-family holiday vacation together ever.

It's going to be wonderful.

It's a vacation we've been planning for and looking forward to for several months. Now that it's so close, we're doing the final preparations for being away from the house (though Nanny will be house-sitting for us), and I'm getting ready to be away from the office.*

It's been a bit strange preparing for this vacation. I've taken trips and vacations before, but since they're usually to visit family, I almost always take work with me. Or, at the very least, take my laptop so I can do work if I need to. But that won't be possible this time because of where we're going. So I really do have to clear my desk over the next several days.

However, every step I take toward this vacation is reminding me how fun and relaxing and exciting it will be. With all the chaos that has been in our life lately, it's a much-needed break from reality.

We're down to single digits in our countdown, and I can't wait to close up my office and escape for a few days!

When was the last vacation you took? Where did you go? What did you do?

*This is an actual factual vacation, so I'm clearing my desk and not taking any work communications until we get back. I've even pre-arranged it with my clients.

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