07 January 2015

This year's theme

Last year my theme was No excuses. I used it as a mantra when I started to feel overwhelmed or needed something to ground me a little bit. It worked well.

This year's theme is Keep moving.

I'm using this year's theme in the same way I used last year's. It's meant to be an encouragement and inspiration to me, and to help motivate me when I need motivation.

I chose this theme because a lot of the goals I have this year are dependent on my ability to keep moving forward, even if I have to take things one baby step at a time. In addition to the goals I've set for myself and that we've set as a family, there are changes that could be occurring sometime this summer that will mean a significant shift in our lives, and if I keep moving, I can meet the impending challenges with ease.

Do you have a mantra or theme this year? Why did you choose it?

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