15 January 2015

The year is changing already

Toward the end of the end of the year, I was optimistic about 2015. Bo and I had plans that would be set in motion this year that would mean very good things for our family. It was going to be our year.

Then, in the first couple of weeks of January, things changed, which has led us to re-evaluate our plans, shift some things, and adjust short- and long-term plans. Nothing bad or catastrophic has happened. In fact, I think even the challenging aspects of what has changed will ultimately lead to a good overall outcome.

One of the significant changes is in Bo's job. Since I have been planning to shift/expand my career to the new business, she is going to step into the business as a graphic designer. Not only will it be good for her career path, but will allow the business to do more than I would be able to do on my own.

This has presented a challenge, but has moved up the timetable for the business which I think will ultimately be a good thing. The business will be up and running by the end of the summer (and some of my blogging will be moved to the business website once it's up, so watch for that change this summer!). I'll have the opportunity to do more of what I really love (targeting marketing content) in a market I'm passionate about (holistic health and wellness), and I'll get to do it with Bo!

Of course, there is also the upcoming wedding. (So exciting!) We're planning to get married in October of this year, so our summer will be spent getting ready for that. We've already been talking about some aspects of our wedding and making some preliminary plans (venue, colors, type of reception).

It's going to be a damn good year.

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