04 January 2015

Renew your spirit with new plants

Winter is over in Florida. It's already back in air-conditioning weather, and the garden department at Lowe's is ready.

Today, Bo and I took Puck and Tink to pick new plants for our patio. Each of them got to pick a plant they wanted, and they both picked pretty flowering plants (with Puck's being big and in full bloom, of course).

Our patio looks like spring with pretty plants and brightly-colored pots all over. It's wonderful.

I know that, in most of the country, there's still a long way to go before it's time to start thinking about flowers, but I'm glad it's warm enough to add some plants to our home. I love having plants around. They bring a little bit of the natural world into my home--which is important on days I'm working 10+ hours--and make our apartment feel a bit more homey.

I love having lots of plants around, and now we have two more beautiful flowering plants, thanks to Puck and Tink. It's going to be a good spring.

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