26 July 2013

My first tattoo

This year, I celebrated my second annual 29th birthday. It's been a challenging year (last year was, too), and now that I'm in the second half of this year, things are changing, and for the better.

I told myself quite some time ago that I was going to get my first tattoo this year, and with the good things on the horizon, I feel like a tattoo will be a good way to mark it as a new chapter in my life.

There are multiple tattoos I'd like, but I've narrowed this first one down to two options. Both have significance to me for different reasons, and each speaks to a different, but important part of my life.

One is a symbol that represents a gull. I like gulls because of their connection with the ocean, and the way they seem to float more than fly. I know they're not the most glamorous birds, but I'm drawn to them. Plus, I'm moving to Florida, so I'll see them quite a bit more.

The other tattoo I'm considering is a bracelet of punctuation marks around my wrist. Obviously this would speak to my career as a writer. I came across a picture of a punctuation wrist tattoo, and I loved it.

I'm currently leaning toward the gull tattoo for my first. It has spiritual significance to me, and I think it represents who I am, as well as the changes I'm facing right now.

My brother is an artist, so I'm going to ask him to draw the gull for me. Then when I get up the courage to actually do it, I'll get the tattoo (and share a picture here).

What was your first tattoo? How and why did you pick it?

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