16 July 2013

Changes are coming....

The past couple of years of my life have been full of changes, and they just keep coming.

As of this past Monday, I am officially a full-time freelancer again (hooray!), and I will be relocating back to central Florida at the end of August/beginning of September.

There are a lot of reasons I've made this decision. If you feel the need to know details, please email me and I'll share with you that way. I'm not going to go into it here except to say that this is the best decision for my family.

I'm happy to be freelancing again. I loved the job I had for the past year, but I love the freedom that comes with being self-employed, as well as different kinds of opportunities for growth and success. I have some wonderful repeat clients who have gotten back in touch with me, and I've gotten a few new clients.

So as I'm preparing to move back to the Sunshine State, I'm working with some great clients, and working on building a new website for my new career. (I already have a domain name hosted, and my next step is to choose a CMS and get the content added.) As an aside, you'll likely notice some changes to the blog as I get my new site up and running, and I will likely relocate my blog to the new domain.

I'm trying to settle into a new routine, and looking forward at what's to come. I hope you all will join me on this newest adventure.

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