20 April 2013

Time management

There have been times that, as a writer, I've been frustrated that I "don't have time" to work on the collection. Which isn't entirely true.

What is true is that everyone has 24 hours every day to do with whatever they choose. So I've been focusing on utilizing my time better to maximize the time I have for non-work related writing.

A schedule is important for my family anyway. As a single mom who works outside the house, a structured schedule is necessary for things to run smoothly. And as the kids get older and begin to get more involved in activities, a schedule will be even more important.

However, the good thing about the crazy-structure schedule I have is that it ensures I make and keep time for writing.

Remember NaNoWriMo? The crazy adventure that teaches you that you can, in fact, make time to write? It's all well and good to make time to write a book in November, but the true purpose it to carry the motivation and time management with you through the rest of the year. That's what I'm trying to do with my structured schedule.

By setting aside specific time for fiction-writing, I'm making writing a priority in my life. I'm still making time to do all the things I need to do each day (feed the munchkins, work, exercise, shower....), and still have a good amount of time to work on the coffee house book.

Yes, I'm making sacrifices right now because of my obligations. I sleep less than I probably should, and my days are quite full, but it's worth it to know that I'm making progress on the collection.

How to you ensure you have time for writing in your schedule?

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