14 April 2013

The Artist's Way

Though I've gone through it before, I've decided to go through The Artist's Way again.

Lately I've felt disconnected from my life as a creative writer, and I think Cameron's book will help. If nothing else, it will get me back into the habit of writing every day and making creativity a priority in my life.

The coffee house book won't leave me alone. I think about the characters and their stories constantly, and it bothers me that I haven't gotten further in the process of writing the collection. I'm hopeful that the daily writing and weekly tasks in The Artist's Way will get me back on track.

I've set deadlines for myself in regards to the coffee house book, and I'm determined to meet them. I have big plans for 2013. And this will be one way of ensuring I can follow through on those plans.

Have you read The Artist's Way? Was it helpful to you?


  1. I remember this. We did this together about two and a half years ago didn't we? It was very helpful for me. I hope you love it again. Don't let the crazymakers get in the way!

  2. Yes, we did. Thanks for the encouragement. It's interesting to see how my life, spirituality and blockage has changed since then. (And different crazymakers this time around, that's for sure!)


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