15 April 2013

The writer and self-care

It's important to take care of yourself.

I have a bit of a chaotic life at times, and it's easy to get wrapped up in all the things I have to do, and neglect the things I really should do.

Lately, taking care of my physical health has become on the list of should do instead of have to do. I've been focused on other things and haven't been taking care of myself the way I should be.

I'm making an effort to change that.

I'm making positive changes in my nutrition. I'm eating less meat and dairy, as well as drinking more water. I've already noticed a difference in my energy because of it.

I'm also trying to be more active. A friend of mine and I are training together to run a 5K this fall (the first of many, I hope), and I'm doing cross-training on the days I don't run (yoga and burpees). Just as with my diet changes, I'm already seeing a difference in my energy levels.

As much as I wish I could skip sleep and food altogether and use that time for writing, I know I can't. And I know that taking time to be kind to my body will mean I'm less likely to get sick, and that will equate to more writing time in the long run.

Not to mention it's helpful for keeping up with active toddlers!


  1. Good for you for participating in a 5K; I still can't bring myself to run on the treadmill at the gym because I'm afraid that I'll slip and fall face-down on it. But I like going to the aerobics classes and working out several times a week; like you said, exercise is a good source of positive energy.

  2. I couldn't do the treadmill. I like to be outside, so I figured running (and training for a 5K) would be a good way to combine my need for exercise with my desire to be in nature.


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