04 June 2012

Poetry's the thing

So I've been going to this poetry group for the past couple of months. We meet twice a month. One meeting is at the library and the other is at the local bookstore. Tomorrow night we meet at the library.

I've really enjoyed going to the meetings. The size of the group has varied from as many as 18 to as few as 6, and there have been new people at every meeting. We've had a wide variety of poetry read by the members. I've discovered new poets, which is always fun, and been reminded of poets I'd read or studied but forgotten.

Those who attend who are writers have often been brave enough to read their own poems, and I love hearing the different styles and subjects that come from our diverse little group.

Of course, the best part is the discussion that comes from the meetings. My former academic advisor is a regular attendee, and his literary insights have often driven the conversation. He's able to offer background information about poets or styles or time periods, or relate seemingly unrelated poems to each other in interesting ways. And because our group is diverse (we range from librarians and college professors to fast food workers and retirees), there is always good insights and interesting perspectives that come up in conversation.

I'm so glad to be a part of this group. Not only has it been beneficial to my reading and appreciation of poetry, but a few of my own poems have come out of meetings, as well. (Including a found poem.) Getting in on the group from the very beginning, I'm helping shape the face of local poetry in my town, and get to know the people who write, read, study, and appreciate poetry. It's a good group. And I can't wait until tomorrow's meeting. (I guess I better get some editing done before tomorrow night!)

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