25 June 2012

Counting down the days....

This is the last week that Puck and Tink will be with Monty for this visitation. They've been gone since the middle of the month, and I'll be so, so thankful when they're back! I've missed them like crazy, and while I've been doing what I can to stay busy, it's been very difficult to keep from...wallowing.

I readily admit that this visitation was more difficult for me. I know the kids are having fun and are being well taken care of, but I hate being away from them! There were many mornings I woke up and peeked in the kids' room, expecting them to be snoozing. Or, out of habit, I would pour two toddler cups of milk in the morning when I had Bug.

I can't wait until they're back. Like seriously.

But I've had a list of things that has to get done before they get home, and it's not finished yet. So in these last days before I get to cuddle the babies, I'm trying to carefully plan what I need to do, especially for work, in order to get everything done I need to before the kids are home.

It's going to be a busy week, but it will be worth it when I get to pick the kids up on Saturday!

What do you have to do this week?

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