08 August 2008

Caribbean Elite Christened at Port Canaveral

EP (Elitist Press)--The first-ever luxury liner designed entirely for elitist bastards was christened today by Dana Hunter, founder of the Carnival of the Elitist Bastards and inspiration for the ship.

The luxury liner is the largest to date, and the guests are permitted on board only after a rigorous screening by the High Mistress of Elitism, Dana Hunter. PZ Myers applied for the position, but was turned down after his declaration that the ship would, in fact, sail empty because no one could possibly meet his high criteria for the guest list.

Captain NP has been secretive about the ship, stating only in press conferences that the Caribbean Elite is "the quintessential experience in elitist travel." No press has been allowed onboard for interviews or photos, having been told they are unqualified to do justice to a description of the ship or any write-up of the event.

The christening was attended by elitists of all areas, none of whom spoke with the press. The event took place in Port Canaveral, Florida, which is where the ship will first set sail on Sep. 27 for a seven-day Caribbean cruise.

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  1. This is awesome! I need to promote Blake, as he's the next captain, but don't let me forget to highlight this post right after. I think your sailing is going to be one of the best yet!


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