18 August 2008

Movies, Research, and a Bit of Navel-Gazing

I watched the movie Possession yesterday, and it made me want to do literary research. In fact, I started to look into what Master's programs would give me the education to work in a library, researching the authors I admire, and/or acquiring manuscripts and letters and scribblings of those authors for a library or museum's collection.

I love books and literature and history, and I would love to spend my career making information about literature and authors known to everyone instead of just scholars.

I admit I am an English nerd, and I enjoyed writing research papers in school. I enjoyed learning new things, and I loved going to the library to find out what I could about those new things.

I think that's why it's so easy for me to research things for writing. When I research a topic (specialty coffee, rental agreements, found art), I enjoy learning about it for whatever I'm scribbling. It's not an aspect of writing I dread or put off until the last possible moment.

I could see myself as a research assistant somewhere.

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  1. You'd make a fantastic research assistant! I'd ask you to be mine when I'm rich and famous, but you're going to be too busy being rich and famous yourself, so that idea's right out.

    Research is just entirely too much fun. Never thought I'd say that, but it's true.


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