19 June 2008

Prasad(a) Update

I realized I haven't given anyone any news about my coffee house book lately, and since I know you're all eagerly awaiting its publication, I thought I'd give you a little nibble.

It's not going to be done in time for the novel contest I was originally going to enter. There's far too much work that needs to be done on it. It's a little sad that I won't be entering, but I'm excited for the changes I'm making on the book. It's going to make it much more cohesive and I think a better book overall.

I have a few people who will be reading sections once they're finished. Those people don't have to wait too much longer. I have a section or two almost ready to be proofread, so just hang on a little longer!

I went to Starbucks Tuesday for a little inspiration. It helped. I got home and worked on one of the sections for a couple of hours. I felt incredibly productive! If I keep it up, I could be finished with my rough draft sooner than I thought.

Happy scribbling!

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  1. If you need another proof-reader, I'd be happy to volunteer NP!



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