13 June 2008

The Anti 9-to-5 Action Plan Update

I've finished the next stage of the Anti 9-to-5 Action Plan, and here's where I am. The comments in brackets are mine.

Create or update a profile that includes your work history on LinkedIn or another social network. [Done.]

Update your resume. [Done.]

Update your resume or portfolio on your website or blog. [Done...mostly. I just have to put my resume up and add a couple of things to my porfolio on my website.]

Select three networking events to attend in the next two months. [Okay...I haven't done this, but I have some in mind and just have to narrow down which three I plan to attend.]

Create your thirty-second face-to-face intro and practice on a couple of friends. [I've done this, but I plan on reworking it a bit because I'm not happy with it.]

Overall, I'm doing well on my checklist; I'm pretty much right on target. I think the next stage is going to take me a bit longer than two weeks to do, but as long as I keep moving forward, I think I'll be able to feel like I'm staying productive.

Though this isn't on the action plan, I've also begun applying for freelance jobs. I know that a big part of my career is marketing and advertising, so I'm also coming up with a marketing package to send to clients who request more information.

And today is my official grand opening. Woo hoo!

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  1. Congratulations on your grand opening! May coffee-stained writing be wildly successful!


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