30 June 2008

July Blog Topics

I've been looking through my writing files lately to come up with blog topic ideas for the month of July. I have some ideas (listed at the end of this post), and a few things I'm planning on a more long-term basis. However, I'm always open to input from my darling readers, as well. So I put it to you: what burning questions do you have about writing and/or coffee? What do you want explained/explored/evaluated? What do you have to say that you would like shared here?

Possible July ideas:
  • Non-coffee coffee-house drinks
  • How to get the most out of your local library
  • 10 tips to a better coffee-house experience
  • Writing dialogue (a lesson from playwriting)
  • How to make coffee at home
  • Write every day vs. write productively


  1. I like:

    Write every day vs. write productively

    There used to be a show here locally on NPR where they interviewed authors every week. My favorite part was when the host asked them how they write. He asked where they liked to write, did they write on a computer, by hand, etc? He asked what time a day they wrote, what their routine was, etc. I found that to be the most interesting part.

  2. I second PC's motion. Would like your take on dialogue as well.

    Speaking of libraries... I see that today is July 1st. This means I've missed the deadline for the photo carnival. This would be because I've not set foot in bookstore or library in a solid month. Any chance of perhaps putting off said carnival until a) I can capture photographic evidence of self in library and b) can pimp said carnival on me blog?

  3. I concur with progressive conservative: Write every day vs. write productively.

    Every writer is different. Some force themselves to write every day; others just let it rip, whenever they feel it.


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