22 May 2008

Happy "But Earth Day Was Last Month" Day!

Yes, our earth is important. And it takes everyone's effort to help preserve our planet for the health and happiness of future generations.

In an effort to remind people that "every day is Earth Day," my English classes are Earth-friendly today.
  • We are not doing any writing assignments in an effort to save paper.
  • We will be going the day with 1/2 the lights off in an effort to conserve energy.
  • The A/C will be set at 75 the whole day in an effort to conserve energy.
Each student is also expected to perform at least one Earth-friendly task during the day. These tasks can be anything from using recycled paper, picking up trash on the ground, or tossing their soda cans/bottles into a recycling bin instead of the trash.

In addition, I've encouraged all my students to wear green (I'm wearing my 100% organic t-shirt), and will be offering a few points extra credit if they do.

I encourage you to participate in some way on "But Earth Day Was Last Month" Day to remind people that every day is Earth Day!

Think green!

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  1. Crapola, missed it. I'll have to celebrate "'But Earth Day Was Last Month' Day" next month. ;-)


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