13 May 2008

15 Days 'Til Writing Full Time!

I'm counting down the days until the last day of classes this semester. Not only does it mean I won't have to grade on the weekends, but I'll be able to devote my days to writing the coffee house book and working on freelancing.

I feel terribly behind on the coffee house book--I'd intended to get some writing done over the long weekend I had, but my family surprised me by coming down to visit for my birthday (Hooray!). My computer was off all weekend.

There's a lot I need to do to get ready for writing full time this summer.

I need a website. For now, the blog is working nicely, but I need a place that gives me a bit more flexibility with layout, and gives me the opportunity to create a business-type site for Coffee-Stained Writing.

I need business cards. I have a logo I've designed and an idea of what I want for the look of the logo on the card, so I just have to design and order them. I want to get the website up and running first, though, so I can put the web address on the cards for contact info.

I need to organize my portfolio. I kind of hve everything all together, but I need to revise a few pieces and get everything in .pdf format to put up on the site once I get it up. I also need to email my college advisor to get a copy of a story I had long ago and can't seem to find anywhere anymore. It, too, needs to be revised, but it definitely goes into my portfolio.

I need to set up my summer writing schedule. I find I'm much more productive when I have set hours for writing. And it will help keep me from over-working myself and, in the process, neglecting my darling Hubby.

So the rest of this week I'll be scrambling to get work stuff done so I can spend my weekend building a website and ordering business cards.

There are only 15 school days left, and then I'll be able to write full time. Hurrah!

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  1. Hooray for the end of school! I'm looking forward to not lesson planning during the summer and sleeping in. It will be glorious!


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