05 May 2008

The Anti 9-to-5 Guide Update

After reading The Anti 9-to-5 Guide by Michelle Goodman, I followed her advice for an action plan. Friday was the deadline for Stage Two, and I'm happy to say I've more than completed my Action Plan so far! Here's what I've done so far (quoted from Goodman, but what's in the brackets was added by me):

  • Brainstorm time! Jot down any activities, jobs, classes, or volunteer stints you've enjoyed to date, even if you were seven at the time. [This didn't take very long since I already know what I want to do!]
  • Scrutinize your lifestyle. What expenses and vices can you jettison? Vow to ditch at least one today. [This, too, didn't take very long. When you're on a budget already there's not much to "jettison."]
  • If you're prone to bouncing checks and racking up late-payment fees, get a grip. [Nope--we're careful about our finances.]
  • If your credit card debt is out of control, consider consolidating through an organization like Consumer Credit Counseling Service (CCCS). [See above note.]
  • Think about whether you'll need to move to another city or state to pursue your dream gig (or to cut down on living expenses). [Thankfully, we live in a great city with lots of opportunities for me, and we don't need to move!]
My next step is to figure out a timeline of how long I think it will take me to get to where I want to be: freelancing full time. According to the Action Plan, I have until May 30th to do this, and I'll probably enlist Hubby's help for it. He's my business guy.

I already have a rough timeline in mind, but I'd like to get a firmer grasp on it. Ideally, I'll get a calendar and map out my own action plan for becoming a full time freelance writer.

Lots to do this month!

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  1. You know what, it's starting to sound like I need to get me one of those guides! LOL. Best of luck, and keep us posted!


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