04 March 2014

Turn your face to the bright spots.

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I've been spending a lot of time digging up memories lately, and telling stories to Yvaine* about my childhood and early adulthood. As often happens, telling stories about my childhood has gotten me to think about how my perspective of my life has changed over the years, especially recently.

When discussing my life with others, I used to use the analogy of a dark tunnel with the light at the end. Sometimes it felt the light was the end of the tunnel, and other times it felt like the light was an oncoming train.

But I've changed my perspective a bit, and now I see my life as a tunnel with periodic doors along the way--open--to let enough light in so I can see my path. The bright spots let me see where I'm going, help me avoid the third rail, and remind me that there is a world outside of the path I'm on. They give me enough confidence to keep going until I hit the next bright spot.

Funny how perspectives can change.

*Not her real name.

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